esoskin by ca marollano 2023 pricelist

After so many careful consideration, meditations, market research, and spiritual guidance, the Founder and CEO of ESOSKIN Essentials, CA M. have decided to reduce the price of our products to make the entire ESOSKIN Lab Co. brands available for everybody.

We have heard and seen your requests about making ESOSKIN available to the public mass, your requests for us not to pull out, etc., because you're still saving up for the first Esoteric Skincare and Cosmetic brand in the country and we're so amazingly overwhelmed by your responses and requests, especially from the last Twitter giveaway we had last April-May 2023.

Henceforth, we are reducing all product prices starting Monday, July 10, 2023 for all ESOSKIN items, and will make sure our future products will be available too!

We want to thank you all for your utmost support for our brand, and we can't wait to serve you more and more of CA M.'s Esoteric Skincare and Cosmetic creations today, and in the near future!

Starting today, we want YOU to experience what's skincare with "esoteric prayers and energy alchemy" feels like for all...


.. and we'd love to hear everybody experience the difference between an ORDINARY SKINCARE and an ESOTERIC SKINCARE!

Transcending ordinary skincare to esoteric skincare


  • SUNEVOLV Premium Protective Sunscreen

    Regular price ₱699.00
  • Sale

    CORDCURE Intimate Wash by ESOSKIN

    Regular price ₱1,199.00Sale price ₱839.30
  • Sold out

    Cupid’s Potpourri Attractant Perfume

    Regular price ₱2,499.00
  • Sold out

    ESOSKIN Retinol Serum

    Regular price ₱299.00
  • Sold out

    ESOSKIN Foamy Facial Wash

    Regular price ₱499.00
  • Sold out

    ESOSKIN Moisturizing Sunblock

    Regular price ₱299.00
  • ESOSKIN Exfoliating Mitt Scrub

    Regular price ₱399.00
  • Sold out

    ESOSKIN Retinol Toner

    Regular price ₱399.00