ESOSKIN Phoenix Retinol Anti-Aging Set

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This is not your ordinary brightening and anti-aging set. 

Unlike Rejuvenating Sets that can only be used for one (1) month, our Retinol Skin Renewal Set can last for a long time! 

Retinol is considered the “gold standard” in anti-aging and is the STAR of dermatologists and skincare experts. If you wish to combat the signs of aging from fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone and adult acne WHILE MAINTAINING a high-vibrational frequency programmed to transmute negative energy into power, this is the best product for you!


It’s glamour-casted, energy manipulated, and energetically charged with advanced healing energies to keep your aura vibrant and high-vibrational on an energetic and spiritual level, while transmuting evil eyes and negative energies thrown at you, the user, to transform these negative energies to abundance potential!


How is this possible?



While the job of Retinol—a type of Retinoid made from Vitamin A—is to imbue small molecules that go deep beneath the epidermis (outer layer of skin) to our dermis, the advanced healing energies manipulated for transmutation also gets absorbed on a cellular level (via quantum theory).

Our skin is the largest organ of the body which is a total of 20 square feet. While it helps and protects us from microbes and elements, regulating our body temperature, our skin can easily feel a sensation (heat) even without us touching it.


According to the study of Physics and Radiation, ​​our skin is remarkably a good absorber and emitter of infrared radiation, having an emissivity of 0.97 in the infrared spectrum. Patterning this scientific ideology with energy healing via quantum theory, this means that the energy work conducted for this product can easily pass through our skin, which manifests as “heat” (if we feel it) due to the smaller wavelength (higher frequency) from the electromagnetic “radiation” entering our body.




We cannot control people’s negative energy and evil eyes thrown at us, especially when you are an empath, and when people just unconsciously give you the green eyes.

While it’s cool to send back the energy to the sender, we, at ESOSKIN, conceptualized a more productive way you can transform that negative energy into light.

Our Phoenix Retinol Anti-Aging Set will not just give you a high-vibrational aura that MEETS the ABUNDANCE FREQUENCY at 540 MHz (which is also the gratitude frequency), it also allows you to transmute hate energies into abundance!

On top of that, it is energetically manipulated and alchemized to attract MORE ABUNDANCE the more you receive negativity, because of its active transmutation and energy manipulation.

It’s also prayed over with advanced esoteric Latin prayers that actually keeps a youthful glow, while protecting your working transmutation both at the same time!

Our Retinol Skincare Set is cleansed with Seraphim healing energies, and is sealed with advanced cosmic active keys to ensure the activity.

CA M. used gold and platinum light aside from the branding being the main conductor and fuel of energy, and being the highest form of light!

With all of these combined, you will not just become a walking light energy, you will also become a working transmutator of bad energies into light!

THIS is the real deal. THIS is CA M.’s secret. 

It’s not just made for you to look extra young like ‘Mercurials.’ This is also to ensure you benefit, even from the “hate.”


This set consists of four (4) products in one (1):

  1. Facial Foamy Wash (fruity Melon scent) 
  2. Retinol toner (fruity Melon scent)
  3. Retinol serum 
  4. Moisturizing Sunblock 


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  • Our Founder, CA M.,
    explaining the raison d'être
    of our flagship product,
    ESOSKIN Phoenix Anti-Aging Retinol Set


Take YOUR power back!

In a world where negative energy and envious glances can't always be avoided, especially for empathic souls, ESOSKIN introduces an extraordinary solution. Instead of merely deflecting this energy, we've pioneered a way to alchemically transform those negative forces into a wellspring of abundance!

Unveiling CA M.'s secret weapon—a skincare marvel that doesn't just deliver on its skincare promises but also weaves the power of divine energy! While it enhances your skin, it also possesses the unique ability to transmute evil eyes and negativity into a radiant flow of ABUNDANCE!

What sets this product apart?

It's graced with high-vibrational mantras, enigmatic Latin invocations, and dynamic energies, all harnessed for a single purpose: to transmute malevolent gazes and negativity into an ABUNDANCE of positive energy.

It's skincare like you've never experienced before!


Be #TransformedByCA! Embrace a unique Transformation!

Prepare for a #TRANSFORMEDBYCA journey as you uncover CA's hidden treasure — the crowning jewel of dermatological anti-aging sets, supercharged with a unique energetic activation found nowhere else! That's the #TatakCA signature!