Polaris’ Secret Crystal Detox Soap

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Introducing Polaris’ Secret Crystal Detox Soap—a transformative blend of nature and mystique, designed to purify your body and spirit. Crafted with the potent purifying powers of charcoal and Himalayan salt, this soap is your gateway to a cleansed, revitalized existence. Infused with smoky quartz crystal, it not only shields against negativity but also transmutes it into light, echoing the timeless energy of the cosmos.

In partnership with Esoskin Lab Co., our Crystal Detox Soap is an evolution of our beloved galaxy soaps, now enhanced with niacinamide and alpha arbutin to promote smooth and healthy skin. Each bar harnesses the energetic patterns of Jupiter and Saturn, allowing you to charge your inner self with the stable abundance of these mighty celestial bodies.

With every use, elevate your vibration to the highest frequency of gratitude. This isn’t just a detox soap; it's a ritualistic experience that imbues your being with love, light, and abundance, aligning you with the powerful forces of manifestation. Welcome to a new level of purification and energetic upliftment, tailor-made for those who seek to thrive in harmony and high vibrations.




Since POLARIS’ SECRETS is now under Esoskin Lab Co.’s official sub-branch, you can get your one-of-a-kind, unique Crystal Detox Soap that guarantees exquisite benefits 🤩

1️⃣ Since 3-in-1 Cleansing Soap sya made to purify (Charcoal), Cleanse (Himalayan Salt), and Detox (Green Tea fragrance) you, ang trabaho nya is to extremely purify and cleanse you of your negative energies and impurities from the inside out.

2️⃣ Once ikuskos mo sya sa body mong na-expose sa negative energies, is-store sya temporarily ng Authentic Smokey Quartz Crystal na nakakabit sa taas nito para mag-BEGIN ang transmutation.

Smokey quartz is a fascinating gemstone na capable and effective in terms of transmutation, which means changing negative energy into positive energy, kaya kahit anong negative energy ma-receive mo sa katawan mo, ico-convert nya lang yan into positive light.

Smokey quartz help absorb and neutralize negative vibes you might be dealing with, kaya in every kuskos and purification na ginagawa nating cleansing sa katawan, yung negative energy na pinu-purify ng ating 3-in-1 Detox soap, automatically nya kino-convert—lalo kung ang energy is vibrating sa fear and anger.

3️⃣ And since may Jupiter-Saturn planets tayo dito—which is basically what I harnessed as an extra dito sa product, the more tuloy tuloy and cleansing, purification, and transmutation mo, the more mo naiinfuse ang “STABLE (Saturn) ABUNDANCE (Jupiter)” sa sarili mo.

Since the Smokey Quartz automatically transmutes every negative energy the entire soap help purify and cleanse, yung positive energy of light na transmuted na yun will slowly become the conduit of the “STABLE ABUNDANCE” energy of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in this soap.

Short Trivia:

According to many texts and accounts from various Astrologers and Esoteric Astrology and Theology experts, the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction is what the Threw (3) Magi found in locating where Baby Jesus was located.

Kaya very powerful talaga yung planetary combination na yan together 🔥

You can watch this to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/share/v/LnLcjXr5bPT1Fsim/?mibextid=w8EBqM 💎

Pero it would be much better if you will try it out and experience it yourself 🤩

Get yours here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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