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GLOW AND DEFEND by ESOSKIN is not your ordinary whitening lotion. Skincare-wise, it is made with active ingredients that whitens, brightens, moisturizes, and hydrates your skin. It also has properties that instantly gives a smooth, glowing effect that improves your skn's natural barrier and evens out your skin tone. All of these combined are perfect if you have a dull skin for a softer, smoother, and brighter glow.

Esoterically, this product is charged with divine esoteric prayers & oracion to protect you against evil eyes, psychic attacks, negative energies, etc., as well as charged  with advanced energy healing properties that protect your overall health holistically and spiritually.

The energy healing charged in this product heals and activates the seven (7) chakra points of your body, allowing you to consistently heal & remove chakra blockages in one skincare application.

This is perfect for you if you are in need of an energy alignment and/or spiritual healing session but can't avail and/or find one on a 1-on-1 session.

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Embrace Soul Rejuvenation with GLOW AND DEFEND—where Holistic Healing is met with Skincare Excellence ✨

In a world where divine inspiration can strike at any moment, seizing the opportunity is key to personal and collective well-being. That's the driving force behind my journey, guided by faith and a mission to share the wonders of holistic healing with all.

Philippians 4:13 echoes in my heart; reminding me that through faith, we can achieve extraordinary things. Henceforth, I am on a mission to bring that faith to life for everyone... for you.

Introducing GLOW AND DEFEND by ESOSKIN, a divine revelation created, innovated, and conceptualized by yours truly to bridge the gap between spirit and the world through skincare magic!

I hope the offspring of my creative mind becomes your ticket to healing, personal growth and transformation, all while reveling in an instant snow-white glow, and a healthier, brighter skin.


Learn how GLOW AND DEFEND by ESOSKIN makes things possible in just one skin application! GLOW AND DEFEND BY ESOSKIN

Because of her many energy healing attunements, local and international holistic & energy alchemy trainings, as well as, advanced international workshops on energy medicine, our Founder, CA M., was able to device her own innovative method in creating and conceptualizing her own energy healing work.

  • Our Founder, CA M.,
    showcsing how our
    newest product release,
    can help you on your healing and shadow work journey.


#babylettheHEALINGbegin ⚕🪬

I'm the type of person who immediately wants to do things whenever I feel called to, as ideas come and go when you don't make it happen and pull together the minute the heavens cascade divine information to me.

This is why I try to accept and do many things, with Philippians 4:13 imbued in my heart.

And since there are so many of you who I can't see on a 1-on-1 healing session anymore (as much as I want to), I've decided to creatively pull it off to make sure everyone can still receive and benefit from it too, leaving no one behind.