POV: How Is Esoteric Skincare Even Possible?

POV: How Is Esoteric Skincare Even Possible?

Esoteric Skincare (portmanteau of ESOSKIN) also known as "Holistic Skincare" in many esoteric approaches, is an idea of incorporating organic healing in our physical health, except, using high-quality manufactured skincare products with less harmful chemicals + advanced energy healing modalities (and esoteric prayers and oracíons) to upgrade and raise the quality of our service to others for our Odyssey (and Astro Northstar) collective.

According to some Researchers, many skin issues, such as acne, eczema, seborrhea, loss of collagen, and others occur when we experience stress, lack of sleep, medical problems, etc. Holistic skin care recommends that besides using gentle, natural topical skincare products, we also nurture our skin from the inside.

This is where our brand makes a difference...

... and how ESOSKIN and our Founder and CEO, CA M., aims to help the collective:

Through a holistic skincare approach with a twist—which our Founder, CA M., innovated, created, developed, and intended.

The Role of Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is a concept that combines principles from quantum physics and holistic healing practices. It suggests that our well-being and health are influenced by the subtle interactions of energy and information at the quantum level. 

Let's dive deep and find out how can this be correlated to skincare and holistic healing:

The connection between quantum healing and skincare lies in the belief that quantum principles can influence the health and appearance of the skin.

Here are some aspects to consider:

Energy and Vibrational Frequencies: According to quantum healing, everything, including our bodies and skin, has an energetic vibration. It is believed that imbalances or disruptions in this energy can manifest as skin issues. Quantum healing techniques aim to restore balance and promote harmonious vibrations in the body, potentially leading to healthier skin.

Biofield and Skin Health: The biofield, the subtle energy field surrounding the body, is thought to play a role in skin health. Quantum healing suggests that disruptions or blockages in the biofield can contribute to skin problems such as dryness, acne, or inflammation. By addressing and rebalancing the biofield through energy healing practices, it is believed that skin health can be improved.

Mind-Body Connection: Quantum healing emphasizes the mind-body connection and the influence of consciousness on physical well-being. Stress, negative emotions, and unhealthy thought patterns are thought to affect the body, including the skin. Quantum healing techniques, such as meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations, can help reduce stress and promote a positive mindset, potentially leading to healthier skin.

Intention and Visualization: Quantum healing techniques often involve setting intentions and visualizing desired outcomes. In the context of skincare, practitioners may visualize their skin as clear, vibrant, and healthy while setting an intention for skin rejuvenation. By focusing on these positive images and intentions, it is believed that the quantum field can be influenced, leading to improvements in skin health and appearance.


Now how did our Founder and CEO, CA M., integrate her modality and expertise in energy healing and quantum alchemy and skincare?


It's just a simple thought: When we put something in our skin, our skin either absorbs it, rejuvenates it, or heals it.

Our Founder and CEO designed ESOSKIN Lab Co. (and its sister company BIGBOX ANSPH) to take advantage of the mutual benefits skincare and cosmetics have both in the physical and spiritual.

This is to bridge the gap and connect 3D items to 5D principles backed by a 4D (heart chakra frequency) intention.

With the help of the holistic approach that is present in Quantum Healing & Alchemy, ESOSKIN Lab Co. aims to target healing on a cellular level up to the deepest part of one's quark (aka the "subatomic particle" found inside our protons, electrons, and neutrons).

Here's how Quantum Healing is interconnected to our energetic anatomy:

Quantum Physics: At the heart of quantum healing is the understanding that at the subatomic level, matter behaves in ways that challenge classical physics. Quantum physics describes the behavior of particles such as electrons and photons. It introduces concepts like superposition (particles existing in multiple states simultaneously) and entanglement (particles becoming interconnected and sharing information).

Energy and Information: In quantum healing, it is believed that our bodies are composed of energy fields that extend beyond the physical body. These fields, often referred to as the biofield or subtle energy field, interact with the quantum field. It is within this field that information and energy are exchanged, potentially influencing our health and well-being.

DNA: DNA is a fundamental component of our cells and carries the genetic instructions that determine our physical characteristics and biological processes. According to quantum healing, DNA acts as a receiver and transmitter of information within the quantum field. It is believed that disruptions or imbalances in the biofield can affect DNA, leading to health issues. Quantum healing techniques aim to restore balance and harmony in the biofield, thus promoting well-being.

Subatomic Particles: Subatomic particles, such as electrons and protons, are considered to be packets of energy and information. Quantum healing proposes that the interactions and behavior of these particles at the quantum level can have implications for our health. Techniques like energy healing, intention setting, and visualization are employed to influence these subatomic particles and promote healing.

Consciousness and Intention: Quantum healing often emphasizes the role of consciousness and intention in the healing process. It suggests that our thoughts, emotions, and intentions can affect the quantum field and subsequently influence our well-being. Practitioners may use techniques such as meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations to align their consciousness and intention with the desired healing outcomes.

We'd love to share with you our Founder and CEO's esoteric skincare & cosmetic creations, and we hope you'd love every single one of it!


Enjoy transmuting all negative energies into abundance!


Esoteric Skincare and all its concepts are IPO-Certified by the government for the company CAE Cosmetics & Skincare.

Transcending ordinary skincare to esoteric skincare


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