ESID Non-Disclosure Terms and Conditions



As an Independent Distributor for ESOSKIN Lab Co., you are eligible of the the following Freedom of Inquiry, which, as an ESOSKIN ID, your legal right to investigate and/or inquire without undue restrictions.


Freedom of Inquiry as an ESID includes, but is not limited to, the following items:


Freedom 1. Freedom to distribute ESOSKIN Lab Co. products however you want and whatever marketing style you choose to use.
Freedom 2. Freedom to collaborate with whatever and/or whoever, as long as you are following the 

ESOSKIN Independent Distributor Freedom to Explore


✖ NO contract agreements with the company or brand. You are free to join in or opt out whenever you feel it is necessary.


✖ NO complicated processes. Feel free to order in bulk anytime, anywhere! Just simply follow the instructions above with regards to bulk ordering.


✖ NO hassle in terms of brand-retailer dealership. Since this is an independent distributorship opportunity, you are free to resell however you want, to whomever you need, and from wherever you are! 


✖ NO rules and regulations to follow after agreeing with our Terms and Conditions & Non-Compete Disclosure. As long as you are not reselling our products using false information, exaggerated and untrue claims, and/or glittering generalities with no factual & concrete esoteric and skincare basis, we, the brand, will not control your operations, sales, and/or marketing.


As an Independent Distributor, you are free to distribute our products however you want. 


However, you must agree and strictly observe, with due diligence, the following rules and regulations prior to joining.


The Rules and Regulations for ESID Applicants includes, but is not limited to, the following items:


Rule 1: You are to promote, advertise, market, and/or sell our products based on the actual information we post on our website. 


Everything on our website is not only designed by CA M. herself; all words, explanations, information, adaptations, innovations, etc., unless otherwise stated, are from her writing.


To promote otherwise automatically constitutes a violation of the Terms and Conditions Agreement, which may be subject to being blacklisted from ordering bulk items, from our website and across all social media accounts, and from the brand.


Rule 2: You are to observe and respect the Brand Owner's Style of Marketing, Public Relations, Product Pricing, etc.


This means that if there are universal product price changes for the entire brand, site-wide brand promotions, brand updates, etc., and they are not openly communicated to you as an ESID, you are not to commit libelous and/or malicious intents and social media posts to the brand and the brand owner, as it is ESID's due diligence to observe the website upon checking out their items.


Failure to comply with gross immoral conduct, especially on social media, is subject to annulment of terms along with a criminal and civil lawsuit from the company and the brand owner.

Moreover, engaging in defamatory behavior or making scandalous remarks about any situation that could potentially be settled amicably will result in inclusion on a company blacklist and subsequent banishment from our organization and across all CAE Beauty Lab OPC brands and entities.


Rule 3: ESID must not compete with the brand's Sales and Marketing tactics and procedures or any similar procedures thereof; especially if the brand has a site-wide promotion and/or campaign, new product launches, astrological elections, etc. both ongoing and upcoming.


Since the brand is promoting a "non-compete" terms and conditions across all interested ESOSKIN Independent Distributor (ESID) applicants, it is imperative to disclose early on that ALL ESIDs must also ensure not to compete directly with the brand (and the company) to promote fair display of product distribution, advertising, etc.


This non-compete agreement includes, but is not limited to, the following conflict of interests, which we, the brand, also want to extend in its forbiddance:


a. Creating, conducting, marketing, promoting, etc. similar promotional audio-visual material, collaterals, etc. for a product different from ESOSKIN Lab Co.;


b. Moonlighting via unfair and dishonest use of ESOSKIN Lab Co.'s original and authentic audio-visual materials, marketing collaterals, and/or direct feedback, testimonies, etc. for promotion of other clients, brands, products, or for the self.


c. Unfair solicitation of clients, patients, customers, students, partners, and community members (both from Odyssey Glowup and Astro Northstar Community);


d. Engaging in conflict of interest, viz., creating, manufacturing, promoting, innovating, conceptualizing, improvising, etc., similar products of your own or promoting other competitor brands' products similar to, and other than, ESOSKIN Lab Co.;


e. Surreptitious communications involving the following, but are not limited to: a) social media chat conversations; b) text messages on communication hidden apps, etc. revealing private information about the company and the brand with shops, brands, business owners, influencers, etc. formerly related to ESOSKIN Lab Co., and other unaffiliated persons of the organization.


Rule 4: Using the name of the founder and CEO with disgrace, especially for any fraudulent, malicious, libelous, defamatory, slanderous, and/or untrue clauses, statements, arguments, etc., especially for bribery, intimidation, coercion, and/or the like, not limited to:


a. Coercing a customer to be part of your own Reseller team, or otherwise;


b. Creating a false statement under the Founder's name, alias, pseudonym, nickname, etc. for further conviction of fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest, misleading, bogus, inaccurate, fabricated (and/or made-up), Spurious, Fictitious, etc. testimonies, feedback, stories, etc. to appear "believable" or otherwise;


c. Solicitation of money, buyers, customers, clients, followers, subscribers, etc., whether via coercion, intimidation, or simply via deceptive stature;


d. Creating fictitious, scandalous, inaccurate, and/or fabricated drama for personal gain, or otherwise;


Failure to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions, especially upon committing grave offenses, is subject to the following, not limited to:

  1. Suspension of Promotion Key (ESID Write-Off Codes) for 1 Month
  2. Suspension of Promotion Key for 3 Months
  3. Suspension of Promotion Key for 6 Months
  4. Termination of Promotion Key
  5. Termination of Promotion Key + Company Blacklist and Banishment
  6. Termination of Promotion Key + Company, Brand, and Product Blacklist and Banishment
  7. Criminal and Civil Lawsuit held by the company lawyer under OPC (CAE Beauty Lab).

What is an ESID Promotion Key?


An ESID Promotion Key is a write-off code unique to all ESOSKIN Independent Distributors. This means that you have your own write-off codes, and it will not be the same as your co-ESIDs locally (and internationally).


Promotion Keys or your unique ESID Write-Off Codes, are only issued to you upon request if, and when, you are ready to purchase bulk orders worth ₱50,000 and above.


Alongside this Promotion Key, we will give you our company bank accounts where you can deposit wholesale payments, and upon website checkout, will you use your ESID Promotion Key to "write-off" your total purchase order to ₱0 so we can only (1) record your shipping/billing details and delivery address, and (2) help you save 2-5% web admin fees.


What is the main purpose of ESID Promotion Key?


The main purpose and function of ESID Promotion Keys is to "write-off" all your website purchase orders at 100% (especially after reaching ₱50,000 worth of orders and up) in exchange of our company bank accounts, so you can deposit your payment directly with no added fees.


By signing up for all our brand-initiative ESID application forms, blindly, unknowingly, and/or ignorantly initiating, communicating, etc., Independent Distributorship on our website, and/or innocently requesting an ESID Promotion Key for your bulk checkouts as a candidate and/or interested Independent Distributor whether or not you are informed or uninformed, you are automatically agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions stated and aforementioned in the above selection.