Releasing SUNEVOLV by ESOSKIN on a Venus Retrograde Transit

Releasing SUNEVOLV by ESOSKIN on a Venus Retrograde Transit

Since it's Venus Retrograde in Leo (the planet of beauty, skincare, and cosmetics in the sign ruled by the Sun) this product launch, August 8, 2023—in the midst of the Lion's Gate Portal Opening—I thought, "What better way to alchemize and transmute these energies into a more productive way in helping the collective?"

I thought to myself, "In what way should I incorporate the energy of the Venus Retrograde in Leo in this product to appease the effects of the incumbent transit that also alchemizes and transmutes its challenging effects into a more productive one?"



This idea came top of mind:

Incorporating a 2015 photo of me on the beach—the time when I felt the most confident in my skin and looks, the moment where I was most abundant in my college life—having very high grades (academic awardee during this time) with a good reputation for my local singing career, and the moment I was happiest spending "vacation time" with friends whom I love, exuded BOTH the energy and themes of this transit + the positive energies I have once felt that I can incorporate in this new product.

Photo taken on September 2015

The energy present in this throwback (Venus Retrograde's energy) photo both exudes themes about "going back" into something in the past related to Venusian things, and the positive energy I have once felt at the same time the same transit occurred in 2014-2015.

These are:

  • Happiness
  • Abundance
  • Productivity
  • Confidence, and;
  • Love

... which are the same energies I want to "bring forth" into this reality to embed as the "energy" of my new esoteric skincare creation.

Integrating these energies with the themes of Venus Retrograde allowed me to alchemize this new esoteric skincare creation, making it a lot more powerful especially this Lion's Gate Portal Opening (August 8, 2023).

This means that this product not only incorporates the skincare and esoteric benefits it promises, but also the following energetic frequencies transmuted in respect to the current planetary transit of Venus Retrograde in Leo.

And since this product is directly correlated, innovated, and extracted from the idea of incorporating the Sun's energy into the user's productive vitality, knowing that Horus, one of my my most powerful Divine Guides, is connected to Ra, I've decided to incorporate this energy pattern similar to the Sun God's protective powers.

The snake in the label is also highlighted as one of my past life energies—being the healer.

It is called the Uraeus, the headdress you see in Ra's Sundisk.


egyptian sun god ra uraeus sundisk esoskin by camille antonette m sunevolv sunscreen sunblock


Ra was commonly depicted as a man with the head of a falcon, crowned with a solar disk encircled by a sacred cobra known as Uraeus. This representation encapsulates the sun's might and majesty, mirroring its radiant light and transformative power.

In ancient Egypt, the Uraeus represented divinity, sovereignty, and royal authority. The pharaoh wore a Uraeus symbol on his crown in order to represent his authority of Lower Egypt. The Uraeus was also a protective symbol and was believed to guard the pharaoh as well as to symbolize his own role as protector of Egypt.

Deities or royals often wear an uraeus on their foreheads as protection and to indicate their divine or royal status.


Snakes and My Divine Being as the brain behind this product

Contrary to popular belief, snakes are associated with healing and medicine (exhibit a. Caduceus and Moses' Staff) being one of my strongest past lives in my Reptilian era.

Healing people is my karmic debt from the past... and I am paying it off through these creative energetic skincare products for a more innovative, "Age of Aquarius" style healing.

I hope you all love this Esoteric Skincare Creation of mine in respect to the Venus Retrograde transmutation this Lion's Gate Portal Opening!

This powerful innovation came to mind since last year, 2022 (only with a different product at mind at the time), and I'm happy to be sharing this with you, now.

Enjoy the healing & protection of the Sun as well as its amazing skincare properties & benefits!


CA M. ❤️‍🔥


SUNEVOLV by ESOSKIN Store link opens today, August 8, 2023 at 12:09 PM. 

Transcending ordinary skincare to esoteric skincare


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